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The Howling Vowels

Howling Vowels cover

Welcome to Sundog, Minnesota! When homeschooled, Norse-myth-obsessed Alexa Stevens moves from New York City, she doesn’t know what to expect. What is a small town like? Explore the new landscape with Alexa as she observes wolves in the wild and forms a close pack of friends.

And Sometimes Y

And Sometimes Y Front Cover

And Sometimes Y is Now Available!

A sequal collaboration of The Howling Vowels by Leslie Schultz and her daughter, JJM Braulick.

Welcome back to Sundog, Minnesota! In the three years since their adventures in The Howling Vowels, Alexa Stevens and her four friends have each grown and changed, but they are still as close as ever. It’s April, and they are looking forward to a spring and summer filled with riding horses, playing with dogs, hanging out at the pool and the library, and finishing a big project: making their own movie, complete with music, scenery, and costumes! But when a new boy moves to town—a boy who has no friends—will they be able to penetrate his mysterious exterior and welcome him in?