News Flash! MEZZO CAMMIN Publishes Four of My New Poems

I am so glad to share that Mezzo Cammin: An Online Journal of Formalist Poetry by Women has just published its newest issue. This issue includes four of my own poems–two villanelles and two other pieces–and lots of poems by seventeen other poets that I am looking forward to reading. (The titles of my own poems are: “For My Daughter, Sleeping,” “Geography Lesson,” “For LaNelle, After Thirty Years,” and “Night of the Murdered Poets.” All of these poems were written in the past two or three years.

This issue also includes mention of an intriguing collaboration by the featured artist, painter Holly Trostle Brigham, (a new name for me) and poet Marilyn Nelson (one of my heroines & author of A Wreath for Emmett Till) and two prose commentaries. In addition, it notes a cause for celebration: the visionary Women Poets Timeline Project now has seventy-five essays to share! The newest one introduces me to a living poet of great power, Etel Adnan, a ninety-year-old Lebanese poet, who writes in both English and French and whose work transcends cultural and disciplinary boundaries. Joyce Wilson’s summary of her life and work, “Etel Adnan: The Poetry of Suffering,” is an essay I look forward to reading again slowly.

Please take a few moments to look over the contents of this new issue. I would love to know what you think!

Here is a photo I took this past week at the Oshkosh Public Museum, a detail of an arched Tiffany window. (Julia and I traveled there to see friends and research some family history.)