Newsflash: My Poem, “Still Life with Poppies” is Reprinted in the Inaugural Issue of THE ORCHARDS

Orchard Tree

A few weeks ago, I received a surprising email.

Karen Kelsay, the poet who also publishes other poets’ work through Kelsay Books (including my own recent collection of elegies) let me know that she was launching a brand-new online journal called The OrchardsShe asked if she could reprint the title poem from Still Life with Poppies: Elegies.

My answer? Wow! Of course! Never before has a journal editor contacted me about reprinting a poem. Furthermore, everything Karen does has substance and beautiful finish.

The Orchards was published this week. It is, as I anticipated, sensitively arranged and beautifully presented. Each poem is a new surprise. A special delight to me was to read the wealth of sonnets as well as some villanelles that left me dazzled by the possibilities of these forms I love.

Karen plans to publish The Orchards three times a year. I am already looking forward to reading the next issue in December. Thank you, Karen!


(P.S. I took these photos of apple blossoms in Northfield, Minnesota, and the ones of the apples at an orchard in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.)

Dress with Apple Blossoms

Rose and Wasp

Orchards Two

Enjoy some luscious poems!     LESLIE