Halloween Scenes–2017 (Northfield, MN)


In my home, and in my home town, everything is dressed up for this spooky-sweet time of year. Here are a whole sackful of images taken within steps of my home, some on campus and the rest nearby. See if you recognize any of the homes and campus buildings underneath their post-production disguises!

MUST FLY! (I need to ready cauldrons of candy and canned goods for tomorrow’s Trick-or-Treaters!)

Have a great holiday, and don’t let the SUGAR scare you!  LESLIE


3 thoughts on “Halloween Scenes–2017 (Northfield, MN)

  1. LOVE all these photos, Leslie! My idea of the spookiest is that skull-headed figure hanging amidst branches. YIPES! I’d be scared if I happened upon that! Very fun!

  2. Leslie – What a terrific collection! (Almost enough to return me to photography, but…)
    Be well, you and yours, and please find enough off-camera time to pursue Sonnetry.
    Best, Ted Haaland

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