4 thoughts on “Postcard: July 3, 2017

  1. Hi Ted,

    How interesting! It is these lovely and uplifting connections that make life so interesting.
    Good luck with Sonnet Selection–I marvel at the amazing work poets send in from all over, more and better every year, it seems.Your contest proves the form is alive and well–and is no little spur to keeping it that way. Good luck with all the selections! And enjoy this fabulous weather. Leslie

  2. What an uplifting coincidence, a moment ago – Just when I brought up your Dunning Springs image, MPR aired “Wade in the water”! The day bodes well! BTWay, today marks the gathering of the Poets’ Laureate to select winners in our Sonnet Contest – an exciting (and challenging) time! Winners will be announced later. Be well, you and yours, Ted

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