April 2, 2017 Poem “Wood Ducks at Dawn”

NaPoWriMo 2017 April 2

Wood Ducks at Dawn
for Karla

Each day is distinct
with wonder: thunder,
moonlight, northern
auroras—each has its
particular aura of delight.

Many years ago,
I began scanning trees
hoping hard to see
the tell-tale red and teal
flash of a wood duck.

But these elegant birds
remained only words,
pictures in a flat book.
I began to doubt
they were 3-D real.

Still, each morning, I look
into the garden. Last week,
I saw three flashing beaks
high in this walnut tree.
Mallards? In trees?

I crept quietly out
into the morning breeze
with my long lens, wary
of startling. It was there I
captured my dream quarry

with photos and even
a short clip of brief flight.
Then I soared back
to the kitchen, quite certain
suddenly, of wonder;

that today holds
something extraordinary.

Leslie Schultz

Many thanks to my sister, Karla, for her examples of patient watching and the long lens, and to my husband, Tim, for his patience in helping me learn the ins and inside-outs of a smart phone!

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2 thoughts on “April 2, 2017 Poem “Wood Ducks at Dawn”

  1. Hi Marea,

    I didn’t know that wood ducks roam in New Ulm! I hope to see yours one day. (The ones I saw have not returned, but I like to think that they are nesting in the nearby Carleton Arboretum.)


  2. Awesome Leslie!
    I love it!
    We have a pair that return to our maple trees in our back yard–I have only seen one of them so far this year, but Myron has seen them both. It is a sure tell sign of Spring! Thanks for sharing! Have a great rest of your week.

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