April 16, 2017 Poem: “Letter to the Moon at Easter”

Letter to the Moon at Easter

Dear Yellow Pear,

Bitten, swallowed,
discarded, then always
waxing afresh,

Do you know you are
woven like yellow ribbon
into every Easter,
a holiday of renewal
here on Earth?
It’s true.

Your dance
keeps weaving
back and forth over
that slow and stately
ellipse, the Sun’s fiery
progress through our year.

Down here, we wait
in the frozen dark
for his coach of flaming
brandy, of sparking,
rain-soaked prisms,
to speed up.

When at last his circuit
reaches waxing equinox,
exactly balancing day with night,
then we wait next for you,
to wax fullest, shine
your soft, yellowed ivory
glow over our black seas;

Then we further wait until
we all agree with our paper
calendars and blood-soaked
human history, that we
have survived and
can enjoy one more

You wouldn’t understand
completely, but for us
the pink of ham and jelly beans,
the white of lamb fleece
and trumpet-shaped lilies,
and one old story of miracle
all help us trust in
our own renewal.

We want to continue.
We watch this young rabbit,
brown-speckled, hungry,
graze on the sweet green grass,
then see her hop, leap

Into a meadow of blue flowers
and disappear. The pear trees
wave white blooms heavy with scent.
We take heart, try to cast out fear,
in these pastures of

Our northern hemisphere,
and dare to hope we will still be here,
with you,
to be part of it all next year.

Leslie Schultz


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2 thoughts on “April 16, 2017 Poem: “Letter to the Moon at Easter”

  1. Hi Beth,

    Yes! Somewhat more light-hearted and color-filled humor in this one than in the one for the following day (“So Many Dangers Past”) which is distinctly darker–though I still find it rather funny in spots. (Like the black spots on an old banana, perhaps?) Leslie

  2. This is wonderful, Leslie. Do I detect a bit humor? The way you framed items by distinctive colors makes me smile. Such a vivid poem.

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