April 13, 2017 Poems: “Four Medallions: Inspired by Photographs from Karla Schultz”

NaPoWriMo 2017 April 13


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Chapel Hill, South Carolina (photo: Karla Schultz)

Papilio glaucus

your tiger stripes,
Tiger Swallowtail, are
uncommonly elegant on
mauve bloom.


Hummingbird Moth, Raleigh, South Carolina (photo: Karla Schultz)

Macroglossum stellatarum

forager, you
sip nectar, chug sweetness,
Hummingbird Moth, until stars


Goldfinch, Chapel Hill, South Carolina (photo: Karla Schultz)

 Spinus tristis

from thistle-down~
your waved-shaped flights weave one year,


Dawn with Seagull, Amelia Island, Florida (photo: Karla Schultz)


Each dawn
finds you, Seagull,
on the freshly made shore—
a new day, golden ideas
cast up.


Today, on my sister’s birthday, I am celebrating Karla’s patience, skill, and artistry in capturing these amazing images from the natural world. Her work continues to amaze and inspire me. I have learned so much from studying not only her images but the wealth of science to which they offer me access. Her photographs feel like passports out of my human mind into the lives of flowers, trees, birds, insects, reptiles, and other mammals.

Thank you, Karla, for sharing your art with me and the world. Happy Birthday! May the year ahead be filled with exciting moments of beautiful discovery.


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3 thoughts on “April 13, 2017 Poems: “Four Medallions: Inspired by Photographs from Karla Schultz”

  1. That is Tim’s favorite, too. And mine, I think. (It is the way I feel in April, this year.) I wanted to have similar shape and weight to each of the four poems, so I settled on the cinquain form. Yet, I wrestled with them, too. Each one could have been twenty lines! Maybe some other day?

  2. Gorgeous photos by Karla. I especially like the seagull poem – captures what I feel each day is like and works perfectly with the photo.

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