Postcard + Concert Account: March 20, 2017

March 20 2017

Tim and I tend to be homebodies most evenings. What, we ask, could be better than a nice cup of green tea and a good book or a DVD lecture from the Teaching Company?

Every once in a while, though, it is good to shake things up. When Tim’s brother, Luke, generously gave him tickets to last evening’s concert with Joe Bonamassa at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, we had a rare night on the town.

JB Glitter of the City

It was stimulating to go out on a Saturday night specifically to see and hear something new.

JB Tim and Leslie

JB Outside Cropped

Tim already knew of Joe Bonamassa’s virtuosity. Since I am much less well versed in current music (indeed, reliant on friends to make recommendations) I sought out some basic facts in advance. What I learned impressed me. First, his career was launched when he was just twelve years old and opened twenty shows for blues legend B.B. King. (To see a vintage photo of young Joe with King, click HERE and scroll down.) That was in 1989. Bonamassa recorded his first studio album in 2000 and now has over a dozen CDs,


(as well as concert DVD’s, mugs, t-shirts, you name it.) He also tours widely and internationally and is a consummate performer.

JB On Stage

JB On Stage 2

I enjoyed the chance to see and hear him live. I also enjoyed people-watching and simply being in the vintage space of the Orpheum Theatre (built in 1921 and owned by Bob Dylan from 1979 to 1988.) While Tim captured video, I was mesmerized by light effects as they translated to the central chandelier.

JB Pink Chandelier

JB Blue Chandelier

Now an admirer of his recent video, DRIVE, I was able to buy the new studio CD on which it appears, Blues of Desperation.


After a post-concert bite at a favorite restaurant, Cafe Maude, we listened to this track as we rolled along Highway 35 toward Northfield. All in all, we agreed it was a rare and wonderful evening. I realized the last big city concert we’d had attended was more than a dozen years ago. (Keb Mo’, the old Guthrie Theater, Keep It Simple had just been released. Before smart phones. Before I even had a flip-phone!) Probably it was high time to add a high decibel evening into our cozy customary entertainment.  And it made us appreciate home even more–and look forward to the next season of The Great British Baking Show!

JB Pre-Concert

JB Doll

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