My Poem in THE WAYFARER & Homebound Publications Reciprocity Project

Wayfarer Cover March 2017

The arrival of a new issue of The Wayfarer at our house is always an occasion. This one, just out, is especially compelling to me. Its selection of poems and many articles–a multi-faceted story on the peaceful but determined and wide-spread Standing Rock movement to protect Lakota land and water; an interview that highlights the work of illustrator Jackie Morris who combines exquisite watercolor with gold leaf [See the cover image]; a reflection by Gail Collins-Ranadive on visiting the Anne Frank Memorial Park in the heart of Boise, Idaho; on mindful and delicious eating; and on an array of other topics–all support my own determination not to despair in this fraught time but rather to steadily turn my face toward the best expressions of what it means to be human. Reading The Wayfarer reminds me to stay grounded but to let my imagination soar. It also demonstrates, in an uncommonly beautiful and truthful way, that I am not alone–many, many people are finding ways–brave and tender, large and small–every day–to make the world a more compassionate, respectful, imaginative, and joyful place.

When I see how The Wayfarer and its parent company, Homebound Publications, marries art and activism, I feel restored and inspired. Here is one example:

“We are excited to announce Homebound Publications’ Reciprocity Project. For the entire year of 2017, for every order that comes through our store, we will donate one new book to a library within the United States.”

I am so pleased that one of my own poems, “The Botanical Guide to Select Poets of New England and New York,” is included in this latest issue. If you would like to know more, or order either a digital print copy, take a look at the Homebound website, where you can also browse the entire list of Homebound Publications–ranging from back issues of The Wayfarer to books of essay and poetry, each carefully crafted and inspiring.

Happy Reading! Happy Dreaming! Happy Spring!

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3 thoughts on “My Poem in THE WAYFARER & Homebound Publications Reciprocity Project

  1. Hi Beth,

    Thank you for your comments. I feel so terrifically lucky to have a community of you and people like you of heart-friends who treasure the beauties of life and art and each other. We keep each other hopeful and moving forward, I think. Leslie

  2. Oh and most importantly perhaps, CONGRATULATIONS on your Botanical poem’s publication! Very good news indeed!

  3. A fabulous post, Leslie! Beautiful artwork but your words make my heart soar. They are bursting with such hope and beauty. I, too, committed myself to focussing on beauty as much as possible during these strange and uncertain times. You are helping me, and I’m certain, many others, to do so! Thank you.

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