Postcard: February 13, 2017

February 13 2017

When it is cold outside, those spring touches inside really jump out, as at this winter lunch at Northfield’s legendary Ole Store at the foot of the St. Olaf Hill. The first day I began work at Carleton College in November 1985, my colleagues took me here to lunch. It remains a place for significant celebration.


9 thoughts on “Postcard: February 13, 2017

  1. Feeling privileged that I have shared a good number of celebrations with you at the Ole Store! <3 Bonnie Jean

  2. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the expert identifications! We’ll have to go to the Ole Store on your next visit to Northfield. Leslie

  3. Bells of Ireland, Aster, and statice (though hard to make out in the photograph). I know the other tall purply thing, too, but cannot recall its name. So lovely! Have we ever had lunch there?

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