News Flash! THE ORCHARDS Has Published Two of My Poems: “Knot Garden” and “Christmas Season–Lake Charles”


I am very excited to share the news that two poems of mine are included in the recently published issue of the online poetry journal called The OrchardsI took these images in honor of their winter issue.

Wishing you all joy and color as we move toward the Winter Solstice,








8 thoughts on “News Flash! THE ORCHARDS Has Published Two of My Poems: “Knot Garden” and “Christmas Season–Lake Charles”

  1. I could not be more excited about these poems being published than if I still believed in Santa Claus and was counting down the days until his visit!

  2. Thank you, Jeanie! I was so happy to see you and your parents last spring. I only wish we could have visited a bit, but that wasn’t the night for it.
    Yesterday, my daughter and I tackled a long-ignored project: labeling home videos. It was interesting to see how often Tim or I were reading poetry to Julia when she was a toddler (Dickinson, Frost, Blake, and Wordsworth seemed to be her favorites) from anthologies with illustrations. She loved to hear the words again and again, and she seemed to “hear” them with her whole body. I am glad that you, too, grew up in a poetry-filled home.

  3. Lovely photos Leslie. Am looking forward to finding the journal with your poems! We so enjoyed the poetry reading last spring. My dad who frequently haunts the local pub had lots of fun telling his buddies he had been to a poetry reading! But he really did enjoy it and of course my mother did too. She has a wonderful library of poetry.

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