Poems in Progress: #17– April 17, 2016

Number 17

A Short Garden Report

Days lengthen now, are softening.
Myriad nascent greens screen sun
through a sieve of rustling.

Willows and pussy willows wave—
long lime-hued pennants down-spilling,
kitten-halos at attention—

and even low-growing mosses,
emerging between these pink bricks,
send up thin flowers like flairs.

Leslie Schultz


Willows Two


Pushwillows Two


Pussy Willows Close

Moss Flowers

Until Tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Poems in Progress: #17– April 17, 2016

  1. How fun it is with changing light and landscapes in spring for those of us behind the lens!

  2. I love this set of images! Esp the first one for it’s composition, combining solid man-made shapes on the left with wispy spring leaf structures on the right 2/3’s.

    Also the surprise of the final picture. All good…

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