A Poem in Progress: #22 April 22, 2016

Number 22

A Small Song for the Vast Mother
(Earth Day, 2016)

Fresh blows the wind on the mountain slopes.
Fresh the green lace on the maple boughs.

Sweet the scent of the waking soil.
Sweet the sound of the glassy rain.

Deep the roots of the growing prairie.
Deep the fires in the ancient seas.

Here, we are cradled in moonlight and starlight.
Here, we rise with the traveling sun.

Now, we turn, with wisdom and insight.
Now, we see what must be done.

Leslie Schultz

Happy Earth Day!

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Until tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “A Poem in Progress: #22 April 22, 2016

  1. That is nice to hear! Let’s all spend some time outside today, just breathing and appreciating.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed these images from the “other end” of the Mississippi and Lake Superior. So different from the sultry, salty Gulf, and yet so intimately connected!

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