A Poem in Progress: #13– April 13, 2016

Number 13

For My Sister, On Her Birthday

Though I’ve known you my whole life long,
my life cannot be not long enough
to know you well enough. This song,
though rhyme and measures are quite rough—
a little choppy, off-the-cuff—
could not be off-key, cannot be wrong.

I can’t count how many times you
have helped me, all unasked, true heart.
A thousand miles away, still you knew
if I were sad, mad, enthralled by art—
or pierced by remorse or conscience’s dart—
you’re always there to talk me through.

Your peerless art inspires me,
shows how to frame a quiet scene,
from orange dawn to turquoise sea
to forest’s heart of tender green.
Karla, you pour luck into “13”
like most pour a cup of tea—

routinely and effortlessly—
This morning, I want to say
I hope that everything you see,
everything chance brings your way,
gives sparkle and shine to your birthday,
as knowing you does, every day, to me.

Love, Leslie


Until Tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “A Poem in Progress: #13– April 13, 2016

  1. Can one ever rate a sister too highly? I don’t think so, and I know you don’t! Thank you for your comment, Bonnie Jean.

  2. I absolutely love this Sister Love poem. I can’t imagine a more special gift from one sister to another. Thank you so much for sharing, Leslie.

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