Supernova News Flash! My Collection of Poems is Published

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It is here at last! This book of poems has taken my whole life to distill. Here is a closer look at the front and back covers.

schultz Da

schultz back cover feb 25

Poet and publisher Karen Kelsay, who helms Kelsay Books and its imprint, Aldrich Press, did an incredibly beautiful job with the photo and text I provided. (The photograph was taken last summer in Lanesboro, Minnesota.) Her company’s intention is to “transform manuscripts into works of art.” Take a look at her other publications; her lists are filled with wonderful titles to choose from, including Sally Nacker’s Vireo (2015), one of my very favorites.

Four of the elegies included in this collection have been published on Winona Media this spring (take a look at “Poems for Northfielders”.)

If you would like your own copy, you can order one on Amazon (and peek inside at a few poems.) Or join me at Content Bookstore in Northfield on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.– Content Bookstore has instituted a monthly poetry reading/open mike series. I will be the featured poet for May, reading a number of selections from this book. If you like what you hear, you can take home an inscribed copy. You can even step up to the podium and read one of your own poems if you’d like to!

Thank you for sharing my excitement–I will be sharing word of another poetry endeavor for April– National Poetry Month — later in the week.


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14 thoughts on “Supernova News Flash! My Collection of Poems is Published

  1. Thank you. You are so well read in poetry that your comment is extra-sweet to my ears. I know I have a truly rich life of friends, family, and art.

  2. Could there be better news? Well, with a college applicant, maybe so. But I am still ecstatic about the early arrival of this long overdue and well-deserved publication. I love reading poetry anywhere – including that wonderful red barn poetry – but there is nothing so comforting and inspiring as holding a book of poems in my hand. There are not boxes of chocolate out there that I could hold in my hands that are as sweet as holding this book! Congratulations!!!

  3. Hi Jeanie,

    It will be so lovely to see you again and meet your mother. And you can meet my daughter!

    So looking forward to it! Leslie

  4. This is so wonderful Leslie! I can’t decide if I should wait until May to get the book or maybe just bring it along for you to sign! I think I just decided. Will bring my Mother too–she has been enjoying your posts too. It looks and sounds lovely. Congratulations!

  5. Thank you, Ann. I shall look for the numinous field in the back row….:)

  6. Congratulations!!! So exciting. I’ll be at your reading in Northfield in spirit, if not in the flesh. 🙂 Ann

  7. Congratulations, Leslie! exciting news. All the best to you, always!

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