News Flash! I’ve Published Two Poems in MEZZO CAMMIN

Common Tern, Florida Coast   (photo: Karla Schultz)

Common Tern, Florida Coast (photo: Karla Schultz)

The newest issue of the online journal, Mezzo Cammin: An Online Journal of Formalist Poetry by Women is out, and I am very pleased to have two new poems included (“On Biography” and “Mozart at Age Five: Koëchel #1”).

An added pleasure is to be published alongside my friend, poet Sally Nacker, author of Vireo, whose three new poems (“Emily Dickinson’s Amherst, Main Street”, “During Stillness”, and “Left”) are also included.

Mezzo Cammin is a marvelous place to encounter vibrant new work that draws on the formal traditions of the past. They are also the sponsors of an ambitious project to document women poets–from the dawn of time and into the future–in a timeline format, with essays penned by other women poets. This site is well worth a look and a bookmark.

Happy Reading!

Sig Leslie in Yellow



10 thoughts on “News Flash! I’ve Published Two Poems in MEZZO CAMMIN

  1. What a kind message, Bev! I am so glad that we have been friends for so many years!

  2. Congratulations from Nina and me!! We loved the beautiful poems, and the line “Precise but varied as the world’s spinning” is hard to forget.

    Ted’s limerick is very appropriate as well.

  3. Hi, Leslie. That’s wonderful news! Publications are always fun, and that is a good journal. Love you!

  4. Hi Ted,

    Thank you for the only limerick tribute I have ever received! And for the news of Saturday.

    Is there anyway to find a list of winners and/or to read the winning selections?


  5. Hi, Leslie – What a treat to receive your Postcard today – Congratulations, and I appreciate the information on Mezzo Camin. Saturday at WSU was a resounding success, by all accounts we received. Hope to see you and Tim at our next.
    When I clicked on your site upon arising, the following popped into my mind:

    In Northfield dwells a poet, Leslie,
    Who shuns free verse as far too messy.
    She strolls rhyme’s neat borders
    And honors form’s order.
    She never pens poems thoughtlessly.

    (Forgive me, or whatever is appropriate!) Best regards, Ted

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