News Flash!: Nancy Soth Publishes New Book, A FIELD GUIDE TO NORTHFIELD

Nancy Soth Book Cover

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent buzz about Northfield in the national media and want to know more?  Perhaps life has stranded you far from Minnesota, and you’re homesick for Northfield’s mixed habitat of prairie and academe? Whether you are preparing for an actual visit or just a trip down memory lane, you’ll want to have a trusty travel companion.

Nancy Soth, author and long-time Northfield resident, has packaged all the telling details–historically accurate or not–into a charmingly wry, user-friendly field guide.

Nancy Soth Book Back Cover

Fans of Nancy’s earlier book, Fantasy Northfield, have waited thirteen years for this new compilation.

Nancy Soth Fantasy Front Cover

Nancy Soth Fantasy Back Cover

Like its predecessor, A Field Guide to Northfield includes too-true quirky embellishments. You will find ephemeral gems from such sources as the local Police Log, Carleton Security Blotter, and (in a hat tip to social media) Facebook gleanings on the topic of “I’m so Northfield that….!” The inspired Venn diagram on the cover gives graphic expression to the Northfield motto: “Cows, Colleges, and Contentment.”

The two volumes together make a handsome cornerstone to Northfield history. They have a permanent place on my local history shelf, right between Carleton: The First Century and the cookbook Cows in the Kitchen.

The perfect holiday gift for Northfield lovers everywhere, copies of A Field Guide to Northfield can be purchased locally at Content Book Store on Division Street. Out-of-towners can drop Nancy an email for purchasing suggestions:

Nancy Soth Signing Books

(Nancy Soth at a recent pop-up signing at 114 Winona Street!)

Happy Reading!

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5 thoughts on “News Flash!: Nancy Soth Publishes New Book, A FIELD GUIDE TO NORTHFIELD

  1. What a treat! A New Book from Nancy!
    This week I’m re reading her first book, for a half our every night before I fall asleep. I love her use of language as well as all the characters! I highly recommend it for anyone whose life is overwhelmed with “stuff to do.” Nancy’s book reminds us of the important, long lasting benefit “stuff to do” which is really a much shorter list than what’s in my head. HATPIN forever!

  2. Charming blog today! Sets me wondering whether that little rock shop we visited twenty-five or so years ago still exists. On my visit with you next year perhaps I will buy Nancy’s book.

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