News Flash! Our Novel, AND SOMETIMES Y, is Now an Audio Book–I Have Five Copies to Give Away!!

ASY Illustration

Julia and I are thrilled to learn that our second Sundog book, And Sometimes Y, is now available as an audio book. The illustration above shows the original group of five friends and the boy new to Sundog, Yves, who is sometimes a friend and sometimes doesn’t seem to be friendly at all.

People of all ages like to be read to, and we are happy to have both of our books now in audio form. To celebrate, the first five people who email me a request will get a coupon from our publisher for a FREE COPY.  This generous offer is made possible by publisher par excellence Lisa Cottrell-Bentley of Do Life Right, Inc.

Here is a link to Amazon with information on how to purchase a  paperback book, a Kindle version, or the new audio version. The paper- and e-book versions have the wonderful map of Sundog and incredible illustrations by Heather Newman.

ASY Icons

The new audio book is a completely different experience using the vocal talents of Carol Mintz, allowing you to spend time in Sundog as you move about your day.

The first book in our series, The Howling Vowels, is also available in all three formats. Die-hard fans can create a six-pack!

And Sometimes Y Front Cover

ASY Back Cover

Thanks for helping us to spread the word by forwarding this email and considering a brief review on Amazon–people really do read those!

Leslie & Julia

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4 thoughts on “News Flash! Our Novel, AND SOMETIMES Y, is Now an Audio Book–I Have Five Copies to Give Away!!

  1. Congratulations Leslie and Julia! I didn’t know this was going to happen. I’ll be ordering a copy or two. Makes me wonder if The Howling Vowels was in audio book form and I didn’t even realize it. What fun. Beth

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