6 thoughts on “Postcard: June 9, 2014

  1. Yes! I love the tiny diagonal lines, and especially the unexpectedness of the orange papers contrasting with the pale blue vase. It made me think of Matisse.

  2. Delightful. One of my favorite places.
    What I loved most, in addition to the gorgeous vase and flowers are the colors in the individual postboxes, a complete surprise. I have just never seen them before or ever looked that carefully. A thrill.

  3. Hi Sally,

    That is a great idea–to do a post on the Post Office! I believe that the staff brings the flowers but I haven’t asked. The library staff does this, too. The fragment of text reads “…the Post Office in 1936. Beneath the Tallgrass Prairie, Rich Deep Soils… ” The full text is an encapsulation of the history of the land and the city.

    This did remind me of the photo of us at the end of the recent “Wings and Windows” post! Leslie

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I, too, love this photograph; especially because I have been to this post office twice now, and both times with you! Sometime do tell how people bring in flowers to set out on the counters in little vases. Such a lovely gesture!

    Also, I cannot recall what the writing in paint says below the mural on the wall.

    How nice it would be if you’d do a piece on this post office! If you have included one already, amid your many gorgeous posts, do forgive my lack of memory.

  5. Hi Bonnie Jean,

    Our post office in Northfield is the most beautiful and friendly post office I have ever seen–the spring flowers emphasize that, don’t they? So glad you like the photo! Leslie

  6. How lovely! The colors and the composition are fabulous. Thanks for posting!

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