November Wet Leaves: Photos by Karla Schultz & Leslie Schultz; “Wet Leaves Song” (Poem)


Smokey Mountains National Park (Karla Schultz)

Now that it is November, there are only a few dwindling weeks remaining to enjoy fall foliage. Maybe we only have days–we had our first snow overnight. Winter has its own beauty–I might even take a photo or two!–but I do find myself reluctant to say farewell to the leaves this year. Accordingly, as the rains and snows set in, I am finding beauty in the wet leaves close to the ground. There is a certain glossy and poignant appeal to wet leaves, and I am encouraged to look more closely at the structure of each one.

My sister, Karla, a wonderfully skillful photographer of all things in nature, agreed to let me post some of her pictures of wet leaves this week (and in the months ahead, there will be more of Karla’s photography.)  Below, I include a new poem inspired by these November leaves and a couple of photos of my own. May you find a few bright, deciduous treasures to bring inside!


Magnolia Planation, South Carolina (Karla Schultz)


Savannah River National Wildlife Refuge (Karla Schultz)


Savannah River National Wildlife Refuge (Karla Schultz)


Smokey Mountains National Park (Karla Schultz)

Wet Leaves Song

Spring rains, autumn rains—
Leaves and raindrops fall—
Light through windowpanes
Changes. That is all.

First leaves, red and gold,
So tiny and new,
Become green and bold,
Lasting summer through.

And then the bright green
Vanishes, all too soon.
Winds grown chill and keen
Under a frosty moon.

Old leaves, shimmerings—
Orange, gold, and red—
Dance windy skimmerings,
Though clouds press down like lead.

Leaves will fall as rain falls,
But these wet leaves shine.
Their fragile beauty calls
To me, and becomes mine.

Leslie Schultz

Below are a few more photos (these that I took in Northfield this week).

Wet Leaf

Leaf Wet 3

Leaf Wet 4

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14 thoughts on “November Wet Leaves: Photos by Karla Schultz & Leslie Schultz; “Wet Leaves Song” (Poem)

  1. Been a week for me and it’s not over yet but I found such calm and beauty in your words and photos. You and Karla have such different “eyes” yet capture such beauty with your cameras! Beautiful!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    After seeing your garden evolve, I would enjoy seeing your photographs of plants! Leslie

  3. Hi Beverlee,

    I think the hosta leaves look ghostly, too. You are so right. Somehow I had never seen them looking this way (these are the ones on the retaining slope, just up the Division Street sidewalk from the entrance to the Northfield Public Library). I will have to make a point of looking next year to see if they always turn this way: ghostly bok choi! Leslie

  4. Hey, Carolyn!

    Thinking of you lots, down there in the South for your first autumn. Hope you get lots of color along with the arrival of the “Canada” geese! Leslie

  5. Hi Patsy,

    I have learned the most–been inspired the most as a photographer–from Karla and you! Leslie

  6. Hi Julia,

    Thank you for the kind words about this simple poem. I really love Karla’s photography–it inspires me! I am so delighted that she is willing to share it.


  7. So much fun to look at this week’s posting, Leslie. I must admit that I share your interest in both photography and seasonal foliage. That drew me in, and I am glad I spent the time. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for this unusual collection of leaves. I’m enjoying it a lot and will re-view it many times in the coming week.

    Some leaves look so sculptural it’s hard for me to remember they came from Nature.

  9. Love the poem, and the difference in style between Karla’s and your photography in catching the transitional nature of fall makes your post thought-provoking.

  10. Your poems are delightful, and I thank you for sharing them with
    everyone. Karla does have a gift in photographing the natural and animal world. I congratulate you both in your pursuit of excellence. Love, Mom

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